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GEO was formed in 2003 to enable amateur reception of weather and earth imaging satellites. Many are already in orbit with others planned for launch in the near future.

Eumetsat's MSG-3,with its spectacular images of Earth every 15 minutes, is an example of the latest satellite being received by the Group's members. Members of the Group have experience in amateur radio, electronics, meteorology, oceanography, satellites, computing and publishing.

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Most recent images from Meteosat 10 & Meteosat 7 : 20 Sep 2014

For some interesting archived Meteosat Images & Animations go here.

Meteosat 9 Meteosat 9

Click on either thumbnail to view larger image (190- 230 kB)

Geostationary Satellite Data, Meteosat 10 (0o) & Meteosat 7 (57o E).

All images received via EUMETCast EUMETSAT 2014.

Data Managed & Processed with David Taylor's MSG DataManager & GeoSatSignal.


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