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Ayecka SR1

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APT Equipment

Receive NOAA APT and Meteor M2 LRPT with an SDR-RTL dongle


  • frequency range (*100) 700 kHz - 1864 MHZ
  • MCX socket
  • Active Crystal Oscillator
  • Reinforced Socket

This stick does not come with SDR software or instructions.

  • Automated Installer is here:
  • How to receive Meteor-M N2 LRPT with the RTL-SDR Dongle. (.pdf file 5Mb)
  • To view documents in PDF format, a copy of Adobe Reader® is required. You can download a free copy of this software from the Adobe web site

The SDR-RTL Dongle, complete with patch lead and adapters


GEO Members

UK £21.00
EU £26.00
ROW, USA £27.00


The GEO PIC 1.0 for the RX2.

This includes the NOAA channel frequencies of 137.100MHz and 137.9125MHz. It is a flash programmable device so new frequencies can be added as required. (Please Note: This item is not required for either the R2FX or R2ZX.)

UK £7
EU £7.80
RoW, USA £8.40

Coaxial cable

Connects the Bias-Tee to the R2FX/R2ZX. 25 cm long with BNC connectors.

GEO Members

UK £5.50
EU £6.25
RoW, USA £6.75

Non Members

UK £7.50
EU £8.25
RoW, USA £8.75

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MSG EUMETCast Equipment

Exclusive Promotion

Special Price for those attending GEO Syposium 2016
23rd April 2016, Leicester


GEO, in association with SPACE-BAND, is able to offer the Ayecka SR1 DVB-S2 receiver at considerably reduced prices.

The Ayecka SR1 Advanced DVB-S/S2 Receiver for EUMETCast Reception.

In this currently available "Compact Consumer" Model the dual RF input is set to single input, and the DISEqC 2.0 has been disabled to reduce the price.

An advanced DVB-S2 VCM Receiver for the new EUMETCast delivery system.

Includes SR1, USB cable, wall power supply, shipping, insurance, VAT and Paypal fees

Ayecka SR1 Specifications
  • Superior performance via GigE interface
  • Hardware accelerator for wire-speed packet processing via FPGA implementation
  • Separated ports for Traffic and Management allow networking flexibility
  • SNMP support for monitoring, control and automation
  • MODCOD filter for static configuration
  • Adaptive Thresholds for dynamic configuration
  • Dashboard monitoring application to ease and optimise installation
  • High reliability is achieved via implementation without a fan
  • High MTBF Power Supply

*** Dual RF Inputs (Optional: can be remotely upgraded via SW)
*** DISEqC 2.0 support (Optional: can be remotely upgraded via SW)

  • All units tested and configured prior to despatch.
  • For additional config files and information

This typical Full-Earth image came from
Meteosat-10 on Sunday 19th October 2014.
Image © EUMETSAT 2014


All Prices include Postage & VAT

UK £375
EU £385
ROW, USA £390


Edimax USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter

  • Complies with IEEE standards
  • Complies with USB 2.0/1.1 Specifications
  • Supports 10/100Mbps
  • Low power consumption in low traffic/idle mode
  • No external power required
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS x 10.x
Image to follow

This enables you to add a second network connection for your PC/Laptop. This connects to the SR1 Traffic port and thereby relieves loading on the home network. Typically you would assign this adapter with an IP address on the same network as the SR1 i.e Data from the SR1 passes directly to the PC whilst its internet connection remains on your usual home network (Management port).

UK £15.00
EU £17.00
ROW, USA £18.00


Please note: due to the advantageous prices on recommended LNBs available from Amazon, GEO Shop has decided not to stock them at present.

Inverto IDLB-TWNL40-ULTRA-OPP Twin LNB 40mm 0,2dB Black Ultra

GEO recommends this LNB. In testing with the latest EUMETCast signal, this LNB gave the highest gain.

The Twin LNB is today (31/10/2014) available from Amazon at £15.50 inc delivery and VAT.

There is also a Single Inverto Black Ultra at £9.95

and a Quad LNB (Inverto IDLB-QUDL40-ULTRA-OPP Quad LNB 40mm 0,2dB Black Ultra) at £20.54.


These were the best prices I could find today (31/10/2014). They may change. Ed.

TechniSat SatFinder alignment meter.

A very useful and sensitive meter which is a great help in setting up and aligning the dish for maximum signal. The meter comes with full instructions.

GEO Members Non Members
UK £26.50
EU £29.50
UK £29.50
EU £32.50


Parts supplied may differ from those shown but will be of equivalent or better specification. These are very good prices for GEO members in the UK. However in view of the cost of postage members in continental Europe may find it less expensive to purchase some of these products in their own countries.

Back issues of the GEO Quarterly on CD, pdf format.

Available for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.
Each CD holds the 4 Quarterlies for one year. GEO MEMBERS ONLY. When ordering please state the year(s) required.
UK £8.00
EU £8.80
RoW, USA £9.30

All prices include postage & VAT

We will endeavour to despatch your order as soon as possible but please allow up to 28 days for delivery!

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