GEO Quarterly

GEO Quarterly No 56

Published December 2017

Selected contents

Our headline article this issue has been written by Rob Alblas and Ben Schellekens from the Dutch Werkgroep Kunstmanen, who describe their home-brew system for capturing high resolution imagery from the Metop and Fengyun-3 polar orbiting satellites.
After a hiatus of several years, NOAA 20, the first satellite in the Joint Polar Satellite System was launched in mid November. Les Hamilton details the salient features of this new satellite.
There is also an update to last Juanuary's feature, detailing upgraded features of EOS Land Viewer, used for downloading images from ESA's Sentinel 2A satellite.
Many readers will be familiar with the intrusion of sun glint in their satellite images. John Tellick discusses this phenomenon, and illustrates with some spectacular imagery..
To complete our final 56-page Quarterly, there are NASA Earth Observation Observatory reports about Lake Balkhash, New Water in the Aral Sea, Salt Glaciers in Iran, the Shrinking Ozone Hole and much more ...


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